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...and NGReviewEater is officially closed (temporarily).

While that account is taken over by the spam bot, I'll be using this account again to post actual news posts (like in NGRE).

So yeah, like I said in NGRE, the spam bot will run until around the 19th of December, and then it will be destroyed.

In other news, I still have to dump out this inbox.

ALSO I need a name for my upcoming 2011 account. This, SMBS 2007, Zombicidle and NGRE will be put together tightly to form the Image Archive + something else, and I will then need a new account to call my "main account". So, any ideas what name I should make that account to be?

I Do NOT use this account

2010-11-08 19:47:37 by SuperMarioBrosS

So stop sending PMs to this account for I will not likely get to them. I don't use it that often anymore. I only come here to get its 10 EXP and then log out, and 99% of the time when I do get my EXP it's near midnight so I have to rush to get all 5 accounts deposited, so I can't check any PMs after depositing.

Go to NGReviewEater and do whatever you want over there. I use that more frequently than this. This account is practically dead.

I have accumulated enough news posts in this account. I probably won't use this account for awhile.

Current desktop.

Full-scale picture (link expires in a few hours).

How is my desktop? How can I improve it? Also I avoid bright wallpapers so that it doesn't burn my eyes when I work in the dark.

And yes I have two monitors; it comes real handy while working on the image archive.

I looked at my BBS post history...

2010-11-06 14:40:03 by SuperMarioBrosS

...and OH MY GOD it was fucking stupid and immature as hell. Like I can't believe I wrote some of that stupid shit. 50% of it (330 posts) was complete immature crap, and the other 50% is somewhat tolerable (they were Wi/Ht posts)... though it's still horrible. It contained a hell of a lot of fanboyism, a lot of butthurt and biased shit. I now want to kill myself for reading it right now. It's THAT horrible and I am embarrassed by it despite it not existing on NG anymore.

I deserve a permanent BBS ban for that stupid immature crap I wrote... just wow. I'm so glad Wade destroyed my post history - they deserved to be gone.

Discuss how you feel about your BBS post history.

My post history is in the image archive which is sealed away from all of you, so you guys can't see it.

I actually forgot that today was this account's anniversary until I logged in to it from NGReviewEater.

So anyway, it has been 2 years on Newgrounds since I have signed up, and man those two years were pretty harsh. I could say all the horrible events that lasted in those 2 years and it wouldn't fit into this news post.

So yeah... I've been on Newgrounds for 2 complete years... HOWEVER that's for this account. In reality I have been here for 3.5 years since this was my very first account.

...or should I not at all upload a new picture and be a rebellious bastard?

...or should I not upload a new picture and see how the current one looks when the redesign comes?

PM Box Experiment

2010-10-17 12:48:30 by SuperMarioBrosS

It is defined that 1 PM can have a maximum message size of 6 KB. So how much storage space, in terms of KB, does a user's PM inbox have?

It used to be 1 MB, but I think they decreased that. I'm not sure though, so let's see.


In the subject of the PM, spam MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM until the subject is full, and spam the body with MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM until 0 characters remain. Then hit the send button.

Repeat until you get the unread limit error (which is 10 unread PMs).

EDIT: Cleared out the PMs (read them all), so anyone who has hit the error can now send 10 more.

What should I tell people if they question what I'm doing?

2010-10-15 19:56:36 by SuperMarioBrosS

So here's the story...

Yesterday I was uploading image archive zip files for backup (BTW mediafire is a bitch... it takes 3 minutes to upload a 200 MB file but then 10 minutes for fucking file verification) and some dude looked at my screen and said "What are you doing?"

I told him "None of your business". However here's another problem... my 8 GB USB drive is named "NEWGROUNDS" since I store a lot of Newgrounds stuff in there, and he asked "Isn't that a game site? Why is your drive named after that?" I then told him some bullshit that I'm coding CSS (part lie - I'm putting the CSS file together so when Tom deletes it along with its 230 components during the redesign I can put the pieces back togeher and view NG as its current layout as of now. In fact I have it ready now... it works).

So that kind of went on for awhile, until he finally left.

If people like him butt into my business, what should I tell them to do? And no I wasn't actually on NG... I was uploading my NG stuff to mediafire & Angelfire, but the name "Newgrounds" got his attention. My school's internet is pretty fast, so I wanted to use that to upload these big ass files.

I fucking hate it when people question what I'm doing... or what other people are doing... it's like none of their fucking business.

So the question(s) is (are):

IF someone came to you and asked what are you doing, and it's none of their concern, what would you tell them?

What should I tell these idiots if they ask me what I am doing if I'm doing image archive stuff, or NG stuff as of that matter? And no I won't tell the truth to them.


2010-10-10 22:00:27 by SuperMarioBrosS

Wow all 10s today... but this sucks compared to the upcoming 11/11/11

$3,000 laptop

2010-10-03 19:18:32 by SuperMarioBrosS

Seriously, who would spend that much on a laptop? 0892a8c9685cd9a7edd92bdf895de2

It's my dad's BTW, and if it takes me 3 hours to do aggressive image archiving it takes 30 minutes to do it in that computer.

$3,000 laptop