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You think the spam bot will end soon?

2010-12-21 20:21:49 by SuperMarioBrosS

Think again.

Once NGRE reaches 1,000 posts (28 posts remain; approximately 1.2 days of spam), this account will undergo the spam bot.

I just realized to make my plan on NGRE (with those 1,000 posts) to function I need to post the FAQs and BBS rulebooks of 2000-2007 in here, and that's going to take up A LOT of news posts space (probably like 40). Therefore I'm rounding the number of news posts here to 100, so therefore this account needs 38 more news posts.

Don't worry; once this account hits 100 the bot will die. It's just another extra day really. Besides, my dad has been closing the bot a lot (I run it on his office computer), so the blogs has been relatively clean for awhile.

Also cock gallery will be posted in NGRE.

Dick Drawing Scenarios

2010-12-18 18:39:17 by SuperMarioBrosS

My high school is full of immature idiots whom think drawing dicks is hilarious. To rectify that statement I am going to post huge ass 5 MB pictures of instances a dick has been drawn. 3 of them have been erased while 2 still remains (I'll get them on Monday). No this will not be a cock gallery for once NGRE hits 1000 posts the gallery ends.

1. A big dick with the two parts of the scrotum take up the entire height of the classroom chalkboard. The actual penis was hilariously small though.

2. A penis drawn in one of the library tables.

3. A female classmate drawing a dick in a male senior's quiz folder (later was changed to a smiley face).

Also the next post will be about NG (geographically).

Does your school/college have dicks drawn in random places?

Seriously, drawing cocks is not at all funny.

Spam Bot Breakdowns

2010-12-17 16:31:59 by SuperMarioBrosS

Apparently my dad closes the spam bot a lot, which explains why NGRE is at 820 posts and not at 970 or so.

So the spam will likely end at Christmas. The good thing is that when NG is at it's peak traffic the blogs section is relatively clean of spam, but when NG is in low traffic the blogs are really clogged. So there is a + and - to the situation.

Air Conditioning in School...

2010-12-14 18:01:19 by SuperMarioBrosS

...and it is 24 degrees outside. does that make any sense?

The school is crying about low tax revenue and they have the AC running in winter... jackasses...

What should I wear to ward off the cold COMPLETELY?

Blank Post

2010-12-13 22:16:21 by SuperMarioBrosS

Blank Post

- List 3 things you have a good idea that will be coming/upgraded

- List 3 things you are not sure will be implemented in the redesign

- List 3 things you wish was implemented in the upcoming redesign

While it is not defined on what is coming and what is being upgraded and such, use your best judgment and knowledge to come up with those things. You don't need to list 3, but 3 is recommended.

So apparently I have a lot of spyware in this computer and it's lagging like crazy. It goes super slow, sometimes the web browser does not respond, and so on and so forth. I can't do any of my image archive crap because it takes hours and hours to do so. I can only deposit, MAYBE upload crap to Megaupload, and get out.

If I ever get to flagging abusive reviews it's in my dad's computer which has virtually no spyware, no viruses, and can handle opening 100 tabs at a time. Archiving gigabytes of information is a breeze with that speedy bastard. With this archiving 50 MB takes 30 minutes.

So is it worth making this computer undergo system restore so all of this malicious shit stored in here (virus and spyware scans didn't help that much) is all wiped out? Or should I install more anti-virus software? Should I also get rid of programs I never use?

Ustream Chat Emotes

2010-12-10 18:53:40 by SuperMarioBrosS

This is a comment-disabled post where I will store an image of the Ustream chat emotes so that Newgrounds Ustream users, like those who use the Newgrounds Guide Chat, can refer to it as reference.

Do NOT assume that this is permanent for I will move this picture elsewhere in 2011 in my new upcoming account, but for now it will be hosted here.

Ustream Chat Emotes

So my friend got his email account banned...

2010-12-09 19:36:19 by SuperMarioBrosS

Apparently he had this spam bot that would target a message in his spam folder and send 10,000 copies of it back to the spammer who sent it. He used it, but then got his email account banned. He made a new one, and that one got banned too. And the stupid thing is, he had a file to send to me and now he can't get the damn thing over.

But honestly, if you were a spammer that sends those "You won $3,000,000 from Nigeria" nonsense, would you honestly care if you got 10,000 spam messages of your same shit?

I wrote this in the previous news post, but I don't think it got too much attention, so I'll repost it here:

In 2011 I'll be making a new account where it will be my new main account, and this and my other 3 accounts will be used for something. I won't be making it now since I can reside here and in NGRE once it hits 1,000 posts.

So I need ideas as to what to name my future 2011 account. Any suggestions?

To figure out if a name isn't taken, enter the user page of the user name, which is in the format of:

where X is the user name; delete the X and place the user name in there, and enter it in the URL bar. If you get an error then the user name is open.