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2010-08-26 13:17:43 by SuperMarioBrosS want to see in the upcoming giant redesign.


BTW, the next redesign is going to make the site blue (fuck).

I got my schedule...

2010-08-26 10:05:30 by SuperMarioBrosS

It looks like it sucks, but I dunno. I have 1.5 free periods, I have 3 teachers I know and etc.

I'm hoping it won't suck. Wish me luck...

Open discussion post.


2010-08-25 22:09:23 by SuperMarioBrosS

I finally finished the image archive. All image files have been compressed.

The final file size totals about 8.03 GB, but within that 8 GB are 15,000 images of Newgrounds worth 60+ GB tightly compressed (86.6% compression rate). Hell my computer would die if I unzip these files since I have half the amount of disk space.

One thing permanently out of my to-do list... now is flagging reviews and then the "massive archiving period" where I got a tight time limit (whenever the redesign comes) to do some extra image archiving. Which is why I hate the icon mods so much... because the faster they make those damn icons the less time I have for this archive.

Anyway, all abusive reviews will be posted here. And I believe after that is the massive archiving, and then I got NOTHING TO DO on Newgrounds until the redesign rolls in.

Open discussion post.

Also, poll (POST YOUR VOTE).


POLL - Which should come first - History of Glossary?

2010-08-25 11:56:33 by SuperMarioBrosS

In the guide, do you think the history of Newgrounds should come first or the Glossary of Newgrounds Terminology come first?

To submit your answer to the poll and have your vote counted, write either "History" or "Glossary" in your comment and post it (that's all).

If you include a 1-sentence reason why your vote is a good choice for the guide your vote will count as 2 votes instead of 1.


Current results:

History = 3 votes
Glossary = 2 votes

14,510 files down....

2010-08-24 19:13:47 by SuperMarioBrosS

...and 490 more to go + about 100 more in another folder.

Help me get to the end of the image compression path, because I'm losing motivation...

Odd thing is, I had 1,900 images yesterday and now I have 490... impressive... and the user request BBS ban from Malachy helped too...

Picture below. This is a sneak peak of what the image moderators are in for.

14,510 files down....

RANT: Why the fuck do you have to spell out numbers?

2010-08-24 15:43:19 by SuperMarioBrosS

Like seriously, why can't be used the numerical form instead of the word form?

Like I was reading a book yesterday night and the author wrote "nine thousand and two hundred". WTF? Why can you just write 9,200 instead of writing it out? Plus it confused the hell out of me for I thought he wrote 9,020 instead of 9,200.

Yeah it's understandable for spelling out numbers from 0-20 (which is the general guidelines) and numbers like 1,000,000 or 10,000,000, but really? 9,200? Even numbers like 600,000 shouldn't be written as "six hundred thousand". It should be left in numerical form. Only times I see numbers written in their numerical form are numbers like 4,376.

The worst are numbers like 750,000 where sometimes idiots spell it out and makes it harder to read.

And some people prefer to write "seventy-five" instead of 75. It's not like it makes you look badass or anything, but more like irritating.

The only case where this rule works in the opposite favor is when writing "1 trillion" instead of 1,000,000,000,000 with all those stupid zeros (and even worse sometimes they drop the commas).

The English language is full of retarded rules like these.


Last night I had two strange dreams that were so awkward beyond meaning.

Dream #1 -

One day I managed to get into cast's account by guessing her password (I dunno why I chose her, but then again dreams are strange to begin with) and I got to see the audio approval list and the mod forum. I immediately then began archiving all the threads in the mod forum (which would have been useless to show to the public because Wade will have locked out my accounts for showing mod forum screenshots) and the display of the approval list.

I don't remember what I did after that, but I did remember logging out and going back to this one for flagging.

Dream #2 -

I somehow had a dog in our house, and it literally fucked up everything in here. It knocked down all our stuff, ruined our clothes, and pissed and shit all over the house. Imagine that happening in your house (if you don't have a dog or cat that is)

Boy when I woke up I'm glad all of them weren't true for real.

Discuss any strange dreams you got.

Today I have to get the image archive into zip files 100% (meaning no stray images lying around), so to make sure that happens I'm not going to come to Newgrounds a whole lot... because once I do I usually get stuck here for like 30 minutes without ever getting off.

So yeah... image archive compression time...

The last time I checked the image archive was:

44+ GB
11,800+ files

Because the image archive grew rapidly while being compressed the file sizes and count have increased.

Now when I compress them let's see the final file size.

Open discussion post.

SMBZ Fanboys...

2010-08-22 18:22:45 by SuperMarioBrosS


Got to love them

Enjoy the abusive reviews in there calling it as a blatant ripoff of SMBZ.

Oh it's not like Alvin was so 9000% original to make a DBZ parody with Mario and Sonic in it. Faggots.

EDIT: New open discussion abuse post (it's an open discussion post AND an abusive review post). If I fail to make a topic here then go to that post to talk about anything (think of it as a chatroom).

The party was fucking stupid

2010-08-21 22:08:58 by SuperMarioBrosS

No I didn't get close to Wade's house; I was off by 15 miles (around 26 km) from his home.

The party was for a female 7 year old, so as you would expect there would be a lot of girls in the party (and that's why it sucked so much). I only stayed with the fathers of the kids... and even so it wasn't that much fun at all. All boring shit.

At least I was the photography guy, so I took tons of pictures. That kept me occupied for awhile...

Ever have a time where your parents take you to a place that is boring as fuck and they did it so that you don't have FUN at home? I face it every time.