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2010-09-01 15:17:45 by SuperMarioBrosS

Some image moderator made an abusive review here:


Flag the TOP REVIEW ONLY. We image mods want it gone ASAP.

Until this review is gone... ALL image mods except myself have lost access to the account.

My Biggest Fail of August

2010-09-01 10:17:47 by SuperMarioBrosS

So yesterday on the Newgrounds Guide Chat, ilikeblamingcrap and I were messing with mod tools... seeing if we can ban other mods or give them time outs or kicks. We used time outs, but then the ban button was put into question. I decided to test it and banned NGReviewEater (which is my alt in UStream, but NOT my alt in Newgrounds). However, since the creator of the chat (me) and NGReviewEater shared the same IP, and UStream bans are IP-based, NGReviewEater dragged me to hell with him.


Normally I thought this wouldn't be a problem, but when I tried to log on I couldn't get in to the chat!!! Like WTF?????

So now the creator of the chat couldn't get in despite being the "administrator" of that chat... and he banned himself...

Now I had to use a lesser power, ilikeblamingcrap (moderator), to get my ass, the admin of the chat, unbanned. In Newgrounds that would be the complete opposite, but on UStream... just wow.

That is my fail of the month. Discuss.

I'm bored

2010-08-30 21:01:44 by SuperMarioBrosS

Anybody got any ideas what I should do for the last few days of summer?

Test post

2010-08-30 19:30:53 by SuperMarioBrosS

I'm going to test a bunch of symbols and see if they appear here or appear as gibberish. I believe the infinity and/or inequality symbols appear as gibberish, but I don't know.

Comments are set to approval so that only my comments get through.

If you comment here then your comment will be destroyed.

Who started school?

2010-08-30 10:23:28 by SuperMarioBrosS

And how is it going?

If you're still on vacation how much time do you have?

Congrats Reverend on Review mod! Who's the new Wi/Ht? Regular?

2010-08-29 22:42:07 by SuperMarioBrosS

I expected this bastard to become more of a BBS moderator than review moderator, but congrats to him anyway. Who knows, maybe he'll become a BBS/Review moderator in the future.

Now I hope all the 100+ reviews I flagged over the past 2-3 weeks are not going to be nuked... by a newbie review mod... But rather I hope to see them gone ASAP for the deity whistle is weak at flagging (to my eyes that is).

It was fun competing/racing with him in the Wi/Ht forum; shooting answers to users before the other replies but those days are probably over with him review moderating now. Who's going to be the new all-time Wi/Ht? regular now?

Count me out I got tons of shit to do.

Am I a statwhore?

2010-08-29 10:24:37 by SuperMarioBrosS

I was looking over my Newgrounds stats, and I was just wondering...

Am I a statwhore?

I always thought of myself as NOT being a statwhore, because I've never been crazy to increase those numbers to the max.

However, I looked over my stats and noticed the B/P, whistle and EXP level, and got me thinking. Those numbers make me look like a statwhore, BUT...

Look at the BBS post count and review count... those are all 0, but a statwhore would review/post as much as he/she can to raise those numbers.

So half of my stats are fairly high and the other half are a 0. So I pose this question to you:

Am I a statwhore?

FYI, I don't B/P every single UJ submission. I only B/P if I ever go to the flash portal. B/P is such a bore anyway.

And I (indirectly) statwhore the whistle, which is an invisible stat compared to B/P and EXP, so unlike other statwhores who statwhore visible stats I only increase the invisible, therefore...


2010-08-28 18:10:08 by SuperMarioBrosS
Updated very important.

...can be an ass.

...can help you succeed.

...can annoy someone.

...can help you get off your ass to do something

...can help you get up to your feet after being beaten into a pulp.

...can inspire other people. critical.

...can help you win battles.

...can make your dream come true.

...can punish assholes.

...[insert your suggestion here]

Wouldn't that be amazing? Then I wouldn't have to be Newgrounds' Garbage Collector of Abusive Shit from asshole Newgrounds users.

On the other end, it will hurt those poor little statwhores who flag for a deity whistles, but WHO CARES about them.

Meh... what am I kidding? That's never going to happen... I have like a shit load of reviews to flag. I still have reviews from the clock day submissions to go through.

So yeah, I still won't be active so much on Newgrounds. The due date for going through 500 submissions and flagging crap is this Wednesday.

I also am archiving images of the abusive reviews for the giant image archive... I have accumulated at least 33 x 26 (someone multiply those 2 numbers together) reviews of images... you image mods better be ready!

Time for a new news post

2010-08-28 14:02:23 by SuperMarioBrosS

What should I write in it?