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Today is my Birthday!

2010-09-19 09:28:41 by SuperMarioBrosS ws/post/519081

So I officially turn 16 today... now I'm on the non-annoying age side of NG (11-15 year olds = annoying for most NG users apparently).

Anyway, what should I get for my birthday present?

For Private Reasons...

2010-09-07 15:04:58 by SuperMarioBrosS

I'm going to start making news posts in NGReviewEater, and let this account just sit here.

So go here:

...and comment there instead of here.

Going to school today

2010-09-07 07:14:30 by SuperMarioBrosS

Goddamnit. My summer is over.

And that's it. My life is over (as in FREEDOM life).

So today I have a REALLY REALLY big catchup on work because when school starts I want to have a clean slate on Newgrounds, and not get frustrated.

So is there anything I should do today before I go to hell tomorrow?

Abusive Review Flagging Tutorials on Ustream

2010-09-04 23:49:09 by SuperMarioBrosS

With the power of Ustream producer (I LOVE YOU USTREAM), I can now broadcast myself flagging abusive reviews, and talking to users as well using the built-in chat.

So those of you who want a tutorial/help on what reviews to flag, or just want to plain flag reviews with some powerful whistle users, book a time with me (either here or in PM) and I'll get everything ready. If you don't have a Ustream account, make sure to get one for it's required for the chat. I intend to expand on the tutorials I offer, but for now because of school and crap I'll only have an abusive review tutorial session.

I'm planning on utilizing Ustream as part of the Newgrounds Guide, since the Ustream producer application (and Ustream itself) grants me a lot of power over what I can broadcast. The Newgrounds Guide Chat is already part of the guide (though it's an open discussion chat), so I can branch up more chats. If reading written guides don't help, then maybe 1 on 1 coaching or myself showing a bunch of users on what/how to do something will help. I can do a lot of things I never could have done with this application, and it makes the guide more helpful if I tie Ustream with it.

Does this sound like a good idea?

I got Ustream producer...

2010-09-04 10:31:39 by SuperMarioBrosS

Now in the Newgrounds Guide Chat I can broadcast myself flagging abusive reviews, archiving crap, making news posts, and whatever shit I'm doing on Newgrounds. I can maintain 100% constant stream now... no need for iphone.

I LOVE YOU USTREAM (but I love you more Newgrounds).

To see what I'm doing GET IN NAO.

I was broadcasting myself writing this news post.

Wade being a media whore actually referred me to Ustream... I probably would have never discovered Ustream it if weren't for Wade and his snow cam...

IMPORTANT EDIT: There are some issues with my computer and internet connection that's making the quality be fucking shit. My computer has 30 chrome tabs open (image archive FTL), and I'm currently using wireless internet instead of wired... so this Sunday or Monday I'll try again with all my shit closed and the internet being wired.

Should I follow Wade on Twitter?

2010-09-03 09:38:04 by SuperMarioBrosS

I always wondered why Wade always says "Follow me on Twitter" as if he's going to die if nobody follows him. I bet most of the followers are those sucking up to him, but ANYWAY...

Should I bother to create a Twitter account just to follow Wade and Newgrounds? Or am I better off not even bothering to waste my time on that?

Take the shitstorm Wade created in the chat a month ago into consideration (for Basset and chillbro only since they experienced it).

I'm also in serious trouble with the image archive, so time is essential.

I'm not participating in Monthly Voting; I'll accept public votes

2010-09-02 10:31:06 by SuperMarioBrosS

And by that I mean this: dsnominees.php

So anyway, to prevent my votes from going waste, I'll accept votes from the public. Rate 10 flashes from a scale of 1-10, with 1 being least favorite and 10 being most favorite.

Here's a screenshot of the voting page (1.9 MB image file size). Pick 10 flashes, and rate them from 1 to 10 using the scale listed above. In your comment, write the title of the flash, and then write the number (from 1 to 10) in parenthesis next to the title.

I will then randomly pick one person's name out of the comments list, and then I'll register all of his/her votes as mine and submit.

I also have the opportunity to vote as NGReviewEater, so I'll pick 2 people out of the comments list.

Just so you know, I never participate in these types of voting crap (even though it says I'm part of the panel of "responsible" users who vote on this stuff) since I'm too busy with the guide, flagging, etc, so I'll do these request things each month. I'm quite separated from the community most of the time on NG.

And on a last note, I won't be on NG a lot today (cousins came over), so don't spam my inbox with PMs to go to the chat. I'll be there at 9:00 PM EST (GMT - 4) all the way to 10:30 PM, but that's it. That is 10.5 hours from when I posted this.

Health Insurance: A fucking waste of money

2010-09-01 19:55:56 by SuperMarioBrosS

I'm sure this is not the topic for Newgrounds, but whatever:

Ever had a case when you pay like thousands of dollars a month to the insurance company and they literally cover NOTHING?

Most people here probably get health insurance from their company, but people like my dad, who can't use the health benefits from the company (because my dad works for a Canadian company), have to go buy insurance for ourselves.

We just got a statement bill or some crap where the insurance covered ZERO (0) on a $135 bill we claimed. Like WTF. And we pay about $1,200 a month (I THINK).

Seriously, what the fuck? FUCK? FUUUCCCKKK???

But no really. This is cheap bullshit. They come crying for money and they don't COVER us like they're supposed to. Or maybe we have to get some useless benefit, in which they still will cover like 0 if we did. Cheap bastards.

I mind as well not get health insurance at all if I'm basically throwing $1,200 to the trash can.

Unknown Review Type: ?

2010-09-01 15:38:47 by SuperMarioBrosS

I discovered this cool error; let's have fun with it!

Using this URL...

com/reviews/ the end of the link (after the /reviews/ part), add whatever crap you want.

My sample:


Here's one someone used in their signature: (forgot who)